Principal's Message

What Principal say about CRPS

Education in today’s society plays a vital role in the development of nation. School is the medium of society, where they learn education and how to behave with others. I feel proud to say that C.R.P.S is a place where we try to develop in students the quality of integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and comparison so that cope with environment and society. C.R. Public School was established in April 2003 and foundation of this institution was laid by Chaudhary Puran Singh Dabra. From starting we had a motto in our mind to enrich our country by kind of youth which is culturally rich. In C.R. Public School, special attention is given to academics as well as co-curriculum activities. Our teaching staff always tries to set high academic standard among children. C.R. Public School is an ideal place where your child can grow freely and can lead the future. To develop confidence among students of our school we encourage them to take part in various competitions which are held outside the school, so that they are ready to face the world. We asure that your child gets full expouser. Our Staff is highly qualified, experienced and dedicated. We strongly support safe environment and availability of free expressions to be offered to every eager mind. School and faculty plays a vital role in a student’s life. Quality education is very important and should be provided to each and every child in our country so that we can nuture our future generation in every aspect.

Mrs. Sushma Godara
C.R. Public School